4 Creative Ways to Show Appreciation For Customers  During the Holiday Season

4 Creative Ways to Show Appreciation For Customers During the Holiday Season

Posted by Julie-Ann Dizon on Dec 31st 2021

One of the simplest methods to strengthen your relationship with buyers as they progress through your customer journey map is to express genuine gratitude. It's a basic concept, yet surprisingly few businesses ever significantly thank customers for their business when the holiday season approaches.

If you're looking for some inspiration, we'll go over four ways in showing your gratitude and appreciation to your customers.

  1. Send a customer appreciation thank you card

Holiday thank you cards are traditionally sent to people closest to us. Why not send it to our customers? Add a personal touch to your customer's connection by sending a handwritten card. It will remind them that they are unique to you and that you're thinking about them. You can send holiday thank you cards that specify a specific holiday or general autumn or winter greeting card.

When writing the perfect holiday thank you note, keep these four suggestions in mind:

  • Use high-quality stationery or one-of-a-kind Christmas cards that reflect your brand (you'll probably want to upgrade from a free card maker).
  • Personalize it by using the customer's name.
  • Thank them for their time and be precise about why you sent the note.
  • Warmly, yet professionally, sign off the card. (Thank you once again, Cheers, Kind Regards, Sincerely, XOXO and so forth)

2. Sending Presents

You might want to try sending gifts to your customers throughout the Christmas season if it works into your company's budget. It doesn't have to be as difficult. You might send a gift card. What matters is the reminder and the gesture. Here are a few options to help you decide who you want to give.

  • Give each customer a present. While this may not be suitable for large businesses with hundreds of consumers, it may be appropriate for small businesses with a dozen or so high-value customers. An example is a small gift or reward to all current customers, such as a coupon.

  • Give the top customers a gift. Analyze your customer data to identify the top ten or ten percent of customers who spent the most money with you this year. Tell the customer that the present was picked exclusively for them based on
  • their purchase history to make it feel special—for example, a restaurant gift card.

  • Give a gift to your in-store customers. It can be as a present with their purchase or if they come during the holidays. For example, if they purchase a dress, you can give them a free accessory or belt. This method is an effective way to increase in-store traffic throughout the holiday season

3. Send Out Holiday Deals And Discounts Email Blast

Because not all of your consumers are on social media. You must send out engaging emails that draw attention to your holiday promotions, gift ideas, and seasonal products. By inspiring your audience with relevant product offers, you may increase sales throughout the holiday season with appealing holiday emails.

Here are some examples of email blast promotion ideas:

  • Buy one, get one free or discounts.
  • If you buy something, you'll get a free accessory.
  • Special offers on a limited number of products or services.
  • New items or services at a discount.
  • Highly in-demand holiday sale items.

And so forth. Provide your client with something they can only acquire from you if they are already a client. To put it another way, make them feel unique. Reward them for remaining committed to your business

4. Keep in touch with your customers after the purchase

Customer service doesn't end when you make a transaction. You handle your customers after they buy from you separates a famous brand from hundreds of others interested in making money rather than creating connections. Outside of the sales process, give a personal touch and build a relationship with them.

It's even more important throughout the holidays. Reach out to customers and have a conversation with them. Let them realize that they're valuable and that they're more to you than simply another invoice, whether it's through an email, a phone call, or a message in a chat. A simple "Happy Holidays!" is all that is needed. It may work wonders to keep people loyal to your company the next time they consider purchasing stuff.

Show Your Appreciation this Holiday season.

Customer appreciation is vital for many reasons. It can, first and foremost, assist in making customers happy. And a satisfied customer is more likely not only to return but also to tell others about your business.

Everyone wants to be appreciated, and customers are no exception. These four ideas can serve as excellent starting points for your customer appreciation plan, but don't hesitate to expand on them throughout the year. There are a lot of interesting, unique customer loyalty methods you can utilize, and the holiday season is a perfect time to try them out.