6 Reasons Why Shoppers Still Prefer Brick-and-Mortar

6 Reasons Why Shoppers Still Prefer Brick-and-Mortar

Posted by Julie-Ann Dizon on May 25th 2021

Are you wondering why many people are going to physical stores even though they can buy a product online?

For the past few years, retailers are struggling with the advancement of online marketing. Customers are opting to purchase clothes online in the comfort of their homes. But why are there still many of them visiting our stores a few times a week?

Shoppers cannot resist the social experiences and the ambiance of our stores. Here are the top five reasons why shoppers still prefer to shop in retail stores.

1. Personalized Shopping Experience

With all the advancements that online marketing provides, shopping in retail stores can not compare the actual connections between the seller and the customers. They want to feel a hearty handshake, looking at the person's eyes to whom you are speaking, seeing the products in person, and the store's ambiance. People want to connect in a significant and personal way.

2. Ability to check the product in person before purchasing them

Shoppers can inspect or check the products before buying them. They want to see, feel the material, fitting in the clothes, and experience them are their sure way to avoid disappointments.

Even if you are posting high-quality photos in your online shop, they still value seeing the products with their own eyes and touching them with their own hands, which is why consumers spend time and effort visiting physical stores.

3. Hassle-Free Returns

What's good about shopping in brick-and-mortar stores is that you can return the products in a simple and more engaging process than their online counterparts. Shoppers can ask questions, learn about new deals and even negotiate the return policy terms.

Shopping in a brick-and-mortar store can quickly solve your return problems. They can replace the item right after with no shipping costs and deadlines. It's very troublesome to return items online because they are damaged, packaged the wrong size/fit, or looked different in person., which is why they are more likely to want to buy in physical stores.

4. Quick, Easy, and Detailed Customer Service

Experiencing face-to-face customer service is better than online customer service tools. It helps shoppers to get second opinions and details about the product. This level of interaction can only happen in person that saves the consumer's time, and improves their overall shopping experience.

While many things can affect the in-store experience(e.g., products, prices, environment, etc.), customer service is always the top factor that impacts the shoppers perceive your brand.

5. Ability to Take Items Home Immediately

When customers choose to shop in a physical store, they don't need to worry about shipping costs, delivery time, or lost and damaged items. Only physical stores can offer the satisfaction of bringing home the item immediately.

Although most women prefer trying the product before buying them, men and younger shoppers appreciate faster purchase speeds.

6. The experience of physical stores is unique

Consumers want to visit physical stores, discover new things and learn about new products in the market. For instance, a family can go out to shop and enjoy themselves. Being able to shop together provides an experience that purchasing online cannot.

Physical outlets also serve as a meeting point that can turn shoppers into fans. Customers can meet together and shop at the same time. It increases loyalty to the store hence more sales.


We can't beat the benefits of shopping online because it gives convenience to the consumers. 

But it's important to note why consumers continue to shop at physical stores. It's their way to see, try and feel the products before purchasing them and the quality of the overall shopping experience.

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