6 Ways to Grow your Clothing Physical Store

6 Ways to Grow your Clothing Physical Store

Posted by Julie-Ann Dizon on May 18th 2021

So you've launched your brick and mortar business and successfully had a stable profit? Are you looking forward to making it more extensive and successful?

You might be asking yourself the question, "what is my next step?" or "How can I expand my successful business?"

Take a look at these steps and explore various ways to achieve your goal. These are some investments and options that could be right for you.

Let's get started!

1. Expand to other locations

This is a common strategy for many retailers. You can look for another location where you can promote your brand and reach new customers offline. Consider these things that might help you before opening a second location.

  • Determine if your business can run without your presence. If your customers do not need to have business directly with you, then you can consider expansion.
  • Since you have a stable profit on your first location, measure the strength of your existing shop and make sure that your 2nd location will also be profitable and help you generate sales. Your new site should offer a larger pool of potential customers.
  • Perform market research by identifying potential new target markets and measure the strengths of your competitors.
  • Make sure you have your funds ready, including loans, investors, and own contributed capital dollars.

2. Expand to other sales channels

You can set up an online store to reach a wider audience and new customers. You can launch your products to online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Some shoppers prefer to shop online, so they don't need to go outside. It will enable not only increase sales but for brand awareness. You can also consider expanding your business through social media platforms where they can easily view product details and proceed to checkout.

3. Offer new products and services

Think of any related products and services you can add to your catalog. Are there some products they need, but you aren't selling yet? Or are they requesting anything in particular? Think of some services that you can offer and are relevant to your products. It will help your business grow and support the customers to make the most out of your selling. If you are looking for new fashion supplier, go there.

4. Venture to other markets

As your business matures, you will probably look for other strategies to develop new markets to expand your business. It involves developing new products that you will introduce to the same and new markets. Some steps will effectively guide you through the new market development process:

  1. Define your new target markets
  2. Do your market research
  3. Decide to enter this market or look for another
  4. Create a plan to enter the target market

5. Setting up a pop-up store

A Pop-up store can look like a regular store, but it is deliberately temporary. They are more likely to offer discounts and giveaways than traditional stores. It delivers a short-term experience to achieve a particular goal. A pop-up event is a great option to showcase a new product. It is popular in Asian and European countries.

6. Team up with other businesses

An excellent way to go about expansion is to find business partners that you want to target. It is best to team up with a business with the assets and resources required to win the market you're targeting. Find a partner, then come up with an agreement that will help you both achieve your goals.

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