How to Improve your Relationship with your Supplier

How to Improve your Relationship with your Supplier

Posted by Julie-Ann Dizon on Nov 19th 2021

Managing clothing supplier relationships may be difficult and, at times, too formal. Both parties want what is best for their business. They want to optimize their time, money, and resources, which may pressure the partnership if not managed correctly.

However, it is critical to recognize that effective supplier connections must remain competitive in retail and lead to a profitable business.

1. Recognize cultural differences

When you work with suppliers, it is more probable that your companies will have significant cultural differences. It might be a barrier to building a solid relationship. Consider the following to avoid miscommunications:

  • Research the culture thoroughly, mainly its business methods.
  • Tell the supplier you're dealing with someone from their culture for the first time. It will allow you to inquire about how you can adhere to their cultural standards. It also allows you some time to work through any significant obstacles.
  • You are partners, so tell them about any differences in your culture that they should be aware of.

2. Always pay on time

Pay on time and as anticipated to help you develop trust with your suppliers and acquire the reputation of valued clients.

Suppliers can check payment history in their customer relationship management software. They may give you a low rating if you have an account of paying late.

3. Communicate regularly and effectively

Every connection is based on clear and efficient communication. Maintaining relationships with suppliers is more important than ever. There are fewer misunderstandings, more trust, and more effective everyday operations when communication is clear.

When choosing a supplier to work with, consider how successful future communications will be. Having a supplier with a different time zone will result in limited contact. If there are language difficulties, misunderstandings will occur.

  • Build bridges outside of the business. It might be a 5-minute discussion before or after a call to discuss non-work-related topics.
  • Maintain regular contact. A relationship will fail if there is a long period without contact. Determine the available time for meeting up and then stick to it.
  • Make the conversation more accessible by utilizing technology. To enable communication at any time, use systems like Slack, Skype, or Zoom.

4. Be ethical, honest, and thorough

Being an ethical, honest, and thorough customer can go a long way and wonder about your supplier relationship. Your moral reputation will make it simpler to establish trust and solid connections with suppliers, which will be tough to break. When anything goes wrong, being honest and thorough will help you handle problems with suppliers more quickly.

For example, suppose you received items of lousy quality. In that case, you were getting out to your supplier as quickly as possible with evidence such as photographs to express your message adequately and can assist in addressing the issue faster.

5. Build a strong partnership

Maintaining a solid relationship with a supplier will help you through difficult circumstances. Here are some ideas to help you strengthen your relationship:

  • Discuss your business objectives and strategy with them to understand how they fit in and how they can help.
  • Consider them partners and cultivate a connection that extends beyond business-only interactions.
  • Don't be hesitant to raise concerns with them, and make it evident that you want to improve.
  • Inquire about their company strategies and objectives. Put yourself in their shoes to explore how you might better assist them.
  • Send them a bottle of wine or other gifts for Christmas (or other special occasions). Make the card personal by writing it yourself.

Maintaining supplier relationships is good for business.

A good supplier relationship has several advantages. Taking the time to know your suppliers will make everyone's lives a bit more comfortable. A solid relationship will assist you in managing conflicts and issues. It will also make negotiating easier. As you become their valued client, you will be able to strike a better deal. Therefore, developing a reliable, personal connection with your supplier is your most significant advantage.

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