How to Stand Out of the Competition in a Clothing Industry

How to Stand Out of the Competition in a Clothing Industry

Posted by Julie-Ann Dizon on Oct 15th 2021

If you're in the retail industry, you'll almost certainly face some competition. Remember that competition can be beneficial and can help you become a better business. It may appear challenging to stay ahead of the competition, but it is not impossible.

Here are a few steps you can use to put your business ahead of the competition.

1. Make a unique tagline

Differentiate your business by creating a tagline or slogan that emotionally connects with your target market. If you're targeting a female audience who enjoys traveling, perhaps it's the sense of empowerment that comes with traveling the world with such a tagline like "Travel With Attitude" or "Wear The Strength". It could be a terrific tagline that adds a new depth to your leading brand while also being catchy.

Here's the tagline of Levi's clothing brand- "A Style for every Story" that emphasizes the importance of stories and storytelling. Levi's is leveraging on the idea that each of us has a unique story to tell, and they have a style to go along with it. It isn't easy to promote such abstract brand messaging, yet Levis has done it admirably thanks to their legacy. Even if you're starting, you should concentrate on your clients' stories and perspectives.

2. Allow shopping on multiple channels

Once you are mindful of your customers and competitors, you will be better positioned to supply services and products. You'll need to devise an aggressive marketing approach that allows you to please existing consumers and attract new ones.

If you own a brick-and-mortar store, take your clothing business online or vice versa. On the other hand, customers are increasingly shopping across several channels, including mobile to in-store, social commerce, and marketplaces.

For example, Heidi Zak's online bra company called ThirdLove. After opening a pop-up store in New York, she announced establishing three to five locations next year.

"I always said we'd never open a store. No woman wants to bra shop," says Zak, co-founder, and co-CEO of ThirdLove. "But we had to listen to our customers," she said.

Despite previously declaring that she had no plans to open a physical store, ThirdLove co-founder Heidi Zak said she soon realized the value of a physical store in reaching new customers, particularly women who like to try on products like bras in person.

3. Look for a Promotional Partner

Consider all of the other businesses in your market segment to be competitors. Look around and pay attention. Notice the companies that may be competitors but also allies. For example, if you locate a business that specializes in accessories and sells other goods comparable to yours, partnering with that brand and cross-promoting offerings is a terrific idea.

Keep an eye out for and search out oppurtunities for collaboration to help you stand out from the competition. An excellent example of this is Alexander Wang and H&M that seemingly unconnected competitors but collaborated. H&M sells low-cost items with pricing starting at $35 a pair, while Alexander Wang sells high-end items with shoes starting at $350.

However, this opposing coupling benefits both brands: in the case of H&M, it positions them as modern, fashionable, and not tied to the cheap group, whereas, in the case of Alexander Wang, it introduces them to a whole new audience and market segment.

4. Branding your Clothing Line

Try to stay as close to the product's concept as possible when designing your visual image, including the colors, fonts, and symbols you use on your website, in your store, on your leaflets, tags, and packaging. Use a specific style on your websites like pop art or minimalism.

For example, a famous designer brand from Berlin - Hien-Le, who wants his clothes to be comfortable to everyone, uses plain packaging design and minimalism for the showroom's interior and product exposition.

Another thing is your brand's packaging that represents who you are as a brand. Make sure your packaging matches your apparel line. An example of this is Shore, a Polish clothing e-commerce store that utilized its packaging to make a humorous connection with its name. The top of their packaging features a soothing seaside scene.

They have other designs based on a similar concept which is the mountain range for the packaging of their winter clothing.

Stand out from the Competition

It may seem impossible to stay ahead in a sea of competitors, but with some careful planning and study, you can find ways to set yourself apart and develop a unique selling point for your products.

Healthy competition is always beneficial since it motivates you to achieve better. As a result, you will not be afraid to compete. Nonetheless, it would help to empower yourself with the most excellent tools and equipment available to stand out from the competition. Business is a never-ending battle in which you must continually develop new skills. You must be prepared to face any obstacles or scenarios that may arise.